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28 x 38 in

Oil on canvas


Category: Portrait 
Style: Figurative art

Artworks available in  Mumbai

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It is my humble effort to depict the charming “Beauty” in women. Women are born with immense beauty not only their body but
their heart, mind and culture that nature has gifted to them. All these qualities to attract towards them and enchant me more than
any things. I try to present these god gifted qualities through hairs of paint brush. This is the main reason I have selected “Women”
as matter of subject in my paintings. Women have an inborn capability to handle the most difficult things even the suffering easily with omnipresent “smile” on their face. They are the most beautiful creation by god on this mother earth. Trough strokes of
paint brush I desire to colour her real picture, I have witnessed in her. I also wish to take up other subject and display them on canvas as I see them. Great painters like John singer sarjant and Anders zorn are the idols before me and to mention others, I have a great fascination for the paintings of John sarjant ,Zorn, Rembrant, Monet, Devid lafel etc. from western world. It is my humble endaevour to fallow these great men and at the same time make me known through / earn name by my presentation I have grown up in this field looking at the paintings of most revered painters in India like kala maharshi baburao painter, Ravinra mestri, Haldankar , Sambhaji kadam. These great artists have left an immemorial impact on my mind and of course, my paintings.

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