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Mon Ross
Sagrada Famiglia
18 X 24 cm
Photographs transferred onto a layer of gauze and plaster
$ 707.77 / € 600

Category: Portrait 
Style: Figurative art

Artworks available in  Paris / France 

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Artworks will be couriered in roll format.
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Artist statement:
I am italo-argentinean and I’ve left Buenos Aires and move to the other side of the Ocean.The relationship with my mother, was always very very close, even in the distance.  It was basically an Italian mum, protective, loving and sharing person. But being far from home, in my new daily life, I’ve got to know, create and eventually chosen, a second belonging family. My close friends are my chosen family, my universal family. 
 I’ve lost my mum last year and my friends became my Sagrada Famiglia, represented as images of Madonnas, those females presences photographed as religious icons, as Mary the Holy Mother, the one who welcomes and protects us within her arms. 
My friends like my mother are my Mater Omnium. 
These photographs are transferred onto a layer of gauze and plaster, as the healing of a loss, the emotional fracture that is represented throughout a bandaid. These images as religious stamps, are decorated with golden leaves and floral arrangements recovered at Pere Lachaise’s cemetery, in Paris; an initiative in collaboration with Pauline Musset from @ 
Artist: Mon Ross – Paris

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