Self-portrait – Artist: Purshottam Pawar


Self Portrait 3
18 x 15 in
Acrylic on mount

Category: Portrait 
Style: Figurative art

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Painting for me is like a meditation and self-care. I choose to paint a poetic representation of my thoughts about the subject. My subjects are inspired by reality and I try to archive them. I choose subjects from many things daily going around or by observing such things and depending on the subjectivity of what I could find as equivalent of my emotions and sentiments in nature to get the catharsis of my thoughts. My works are sometimes penetrating to the viewer, awakening social consciousness or enabling them to think about it.

I look for my personal handprint – the signs that reveal how I found my own voice and has shaped feelings and ideas into forms. Mostly, I used representational forms. My art is a reflection of how l respond to life – my emotions, my experiences, my values, beliefs and choices – the sum of what makes me. I trust it and follow till I encounter many discoveries about myself waiting to be revealed.


In my self portraits, I had tried to execute an expression of what I felt during those particular days in Lockdown. At that time, I had mix feelings and I didn’t understand what I exactly want and what I exactly wanted to do in Lockdown.

Firstly I was upset of what was happening around, increasing number of cases, deaths, suicides and many things. My environment was full of depressive things and I was scared of what was happening around. At first, for relaxation I started working or practicing my art. Slowly I started feeling better, at that time painting for me was like a meditation. I started doing some compositions(creative paintings) and also started to utilize this time to study anatomy. I did some self portraits in Lockdown. Painting kept me on track that time and I started gaining momentum.
I had tried to archive that lockdown moment of myself. I strongly believe that a good portrait is not just a visual/realistic representation of a person, it is more than that. Portraits are effective and compelling when they tell us something about the person and the essence of the person. A strong portrait captivates viewers, draws them into the painting, and engages their attention. Such a portrait painting causes the viewer to wonder about the person depicted. The way of handling the medium and style, each having a different effect on the overall tone of the piece, this also tell us a lot about the intention behind the work. Expressions on my face and pose says it all what I was feeling that time, one must feel the vibe or environment around

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