Nippon Solo show – Syed Ali Sarvat Jafri

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Title : Waqt- e- namaz
Size : 21×25 in
Media : Sculpture = Clay, Cement,Wood
Year : 2019

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1 review for Nippon Solo show – Syed Ali Sarvat Jafri

  1. Mahver

    This exhibition has taken me to the time of Indus Valley Civilization where massive works of Terracotta found from the excavations. Terracotta work has been a symbol of our (Indian) culture since Ancient times but showing an Islamic cultural Theme Work by terracotta is a phenomenally well adopted initiative. It’s in my view totally depicting a cultural Unity of Indo-Islamic Culture. That’s what an ART meant to be i.e Unity, Love, Compassion and many more such words you may add.
    During this recent times (all over the World) such words are need to be redefined, and ART can help do this.
    Great work. Keep it Up.

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