Line Drawing


Water colour, Pen drawing on paper

Size: 4 x 5.8 inch / 10 x 14.5 cm

Title: Untitled

Signature:  Back side
Category:  Drawing

Style: Abstract


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My art practice revolves around drawing and exhibiting in different ways.  I continuously seek to adopt new techniques and learn new skills to enhance my art-making process. The foundation of my drawings, audio-video, collages, and paintings is on the psychogeographical concept. Psychogeography is deeply rooted in illustrations and other subordinate mediums in mixed-media installations. During my Erasmus period at ABK, Stuttgart (September 2019 – March 2020).  I wished to have an exhibition, to make this opportunity worthwhile. Prof. Holger Bunk, a reputed German artist, suggested space in corridor walls, near the classroom, for the show. Using this space, I was permitted to curate an entire exhibition titled ‘Pop-Up Ausstellung’ which translates as ‘Pop-up Exhibition’. Transforming the empty corridor space was an enlightening process where I had a hands-on experience learning the nuances of curation and exhibition design. 
The Erasmus period at ABK, Stuttgart was an excellent chance to be a part of an exhibition which made my Erasmus period more substantial. ‘Pop-Up Ausstellung’ gave me the opportunity to execute the new challenges which provided imperative learnings and experiences. I tried something new and made it successful with the help of my colleagues, technicians and Prof. Bunk. In the ‘Pop-Up Ausstellung’ exhibition, I decided to draw on the wall, which was approximately 18ft high and 13ft wide. I pushed myself to draw something on a vast scale. The size of the wall gave me the freedom to execute as much detail as possible within that particular time. 


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