Selected works in Solo Show by Augustus Lightwriter


Artist: Augustus Lightwriter
Medium: Digital Print on acid free Museum paper 
Year: SEP 2019
Size: 24×36 in

Signature: At right side
Photography Location : Japan
Category:  Travel Photography 

Style: City Photography

Price: INR 30000/-


Artworks available in New Dlehi – Artist Studio

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The man who walks with Camera – Augustus’s Zen tour to Japan

The man who walks with camera is an Exhibition that unveils Augustus’s Zen tour and expedition to a quintessential country Japan. Done all through recent times, the works are a form of tranquil and tradition-oriented aesthetic effort.
Augustus Lightwriter is a photographer whose clicks have the potential to take his spectators on a surreal and conceptual journey, giving them a roller coaster ride of artistic heights and emotional depths. ‘Snaps are a form of paintings that photographers paint through their eyes’ quotes, Augustus.

His interest in tracing the secrets of nature, humans, and culture was developed right from childhood. Being a dyslexic kid, studies never amused him while photography gave him the freedom to explore art, psychology, and the exotic dimensions of life. “At a very young age, I commenced clicking pictures and my initial subject was my family” Says Augustus. He completed his BA in Radio & Television from Asian School of Media Studies, Noida, India in 2008 after which in 2009 he collected a Diploma from Academy for Photographic Excellence, New Delhi, India. He then pursued the Honors in Professional program from New England school of Photography, Boston in 2012. His Career took a start when he exhibited a show on nudes and fashion photography at the Louvre Museum, Paris.
Photography is a metaphor of life to him; He contributes all that is vital to manifest his considerations which invite the human gaze to dig deeper as it stands like a spectacle to behold. From structures to stature, sensual to static, panoramas to portraits, his photographs are a mixture of what he consciously experiences and subconsciously encounters every day. When asked what makes a picture alive? He answered, “Observe the notions and sentiments that associate you to the subject and you will be astounded by the outcomes in your work. Just look at everything through the prism of emotions.”

A major segment of Augustus’s works is been confiscated by nudes. His intrigue with naked bodies takes photography and human forms to another magnitude. The vision of perceiving bodies as sculptures along with the added drama of light and dark to the snaps gives them the essence of baroque and renaissance. He remarks “A picture will only entice people if it has a balanced chiaroscuro effect. (Sun)Light plays a major role while clicking Landscapes while shadows are way important in human photography.”
Juxtaposition is not new to Augustus; he often combines natural phenomena, vistas, cityscapes, scenic beauties with attributes and personas of bodies that give a splendid narration to his works. Even with the dissimilitude in the aesthetic and techniques of clicking photos of different genres, the outcomes always make the eyes dive deep into them. “Photographs have vigorous visual and verbal proficiency; Maneuvering right modus operandi and sentiments, makes them most effective in rendering the thoughts.”
The current series of photos and pictures display Japan at its best, magnifying Augustus’s fascination with connectivity, people, and travel. From culture and heritage to contemporary country looks, he has provided a hypnotic array of diverse and variegated cites. “Kyoto is much inclined towards simplicity and heritage in contrast to the capital city Tokyo where one could see speed, movement, and futuristic character” adds Augustus.

As a viewer one is drawn into its maw, not only because of the appealing beauty that could be seen or with the nostalgia that could be felt through the pictures but because of its sheer physicality of emotive essence.
Augustus in an interview stated that “Japan has been tugging people from eras with its culture and heritage. It is the only country apart from India that has maintained its tradition even after the foreign invasions. Mushrooming since then Japan has always maintained its customary aura alive and that’s what always beguiles me”. The country perfectly exemplifies the advancement while keeping its ethnic roots intact. “People are disciplined, gentle, and benevolent there. They succor to those who are in need, additionally you would not see any trash cans over there; people carry it along with them. Even with this scenario, you would not find a litter on the ground. They are so aware about their country and space” Augustus stated.

One could discern the panache of life, the pacific character of traditional living, ethnic attires and magnificence of classical architecture from Japan with this series. Augustus’s ways to put cardinal but forgotten details of social and culture behaviors in site of us are pulchritudinous. It vitalizes the audience to scavenge for the meaning of life and cherish every breath taken. When asked to quote a line on Photography and sentiments, he retorted “drama and emotions are everywhere, just need to be found and captured”.

  • Content Curated by Sanchita Sharma- New Delhi


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