Solo show by Pratyusha Mukherjee

Artist: Pratyusha Mukherjee
Title: Transformed Landscape 7 
Size: 6 x 8 inches
Media: Pen & Ink on Handmade Paper
Year: 2021

Available: Price on request

Category: Painting
Style: Figurative art


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Real within Reality—Ethics of my beloved work – my Painting.
In order to increase the better values of our lives and society -there must be a better medium – which set at naught many undesirable things, which we are accustomed in every waking moment of our lives. True to my belief, from core of my heart – PAINTING is that medium, which can evolve as a better pathway of social regeneration, when our poverty of Philosophy is eradicated.
Painting is my first love – being an offspring of a middle- classed conservative family, I enjoyed nature, sky, flowers, birds and animals out of my windows since my early childhood and all these reflect on my paintings— particularly, nature is embedded intimately with my creations—-though, from time to time, with transformed landscape, along with inner most spaces of extreme interior of ever known sweet home –I used to wander on various aspects of theme with ease.
Since childhood, I do have a distinct knowledge regarding social life, science, humanity, mutual respect and values, i.e. Reality of different aspects of life, which helped me a lot in combining classical & postmodern technique of painting in my own works.
To observe and nurture nature was my obsession— which in later stage, gradually becomes my technique of searching nature within my art works.
Rabindranath Tagore is my pathfinder, philosopher and guide— I’m a great admirer of his poems, songs, stories, novels & obviously paintings. I do have enormous influence from works of Tagore, Indian Classical Music, changing style of evaluation of visual evidence of history and time along with civilization all my painting works are based from all these!
I’m really thankful to Kala- Bhawana, because of its entire open education system and its acquaintance with world art, which helped me enormously to express myself independently in the entire aspect of my painting.
Background of my landscape reflects ever changing hardship of daily life style combining with dreamy fantasy world. My surrounding comes through my colour and brush to present a translucent effect of inside and outside along with juxtaposition of line, colour, texture and space division with multiple elements of nature and modern gadgets.
Rainbows of my creation glittered across the historical stairs of ages and denotes the essence of sense of wellbeing, associated with various architectural motives.It is true that volume of animal kingdom, as well as obviously human being’s existence is too negligible in comparison to vast universe through our various scientific inventions and its day to day effect, yields detrimental effect in nature’s natural functioning – nature’s ecological balance appears to be dismantled.Multiple perspective of Miniature paintings, which creates enormous volume and vast expansion and architectonic quality… in the small surface area appears spontaneously in my painting.

I would like to emphasize through my works that there is no rivalry, no conflict between nature’s own creation and scientific upliftment – it should proceed hand in hand!

We should remember “old is gold” in one hand – and “Rolling stone gathers no moss” in other!
My painting synchronizes values of past with enthusiasm of present, experience of past with efficacy of present, honestly of past with accuracy of present, legacy of past which leads to new rays of hope of present…in a nutshell, humanity with scientific advancement.


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