Nippon Solo


Title: Jannat
Size: 11 x 15 in
Media :Water color & Ink on nepali handmade paper pasted on handmade paper
Year : 2020


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The human body becomes a template for me in my art, they become lumps of flesh to be devoured by beastly creatures with overcharged passions. In a way my work invites the viewer into a very intimate & indeed erotic encounter with my subjects. The emotional connection between subject & artist has continued to inspire me.

The works are never maudlin or sentimental-there’s a sort of fiercely & objective gaze. They are meant to be memento mori, but at the same time they are gestures of extreme affection & compassion which provide the viewer with a spectrum of emotional engagement & response. And so when you look at my work there’s no one response, you do see these subjects in a state of psychological flux & change. And that is my empathy towards my art.

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