Title: Mother

Size : 7 X 11 inch.

Medium : Charcoal & Water Colour On Paper

Year : 2018

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The subjects of my paintings have emanated from the village where I grew up as a child.

During studying B.F.A in Kolkata,

Whenever I returned to my village I observed my surrounding people, environment, quintessence with a newfangled perception.

I perceived and relished many surreal rituals and customs there.

I came to an eventual realisation, that the mystifying ambience of my village has become an inevitable inspiration for me which entices me to compose my paintings.

I try to convey and represent the inherent lifestyle of people living around me and compose their gestural attributes in a narrative and insofar simplistic manner.

Often the figures in my painting are shown in solitary condition which is the consequence of their profession.

I am accustomed to work in my village now and there is a profound intimacy between my work and my village.



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