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Ray of Hope – Premium show

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Title: Untitled
Size: 30 x 23 in
Media : Ink Pen on paper
Year : 2020

Title: “Representation of a primordial forest”
Size: 48 X 72 in
Media : Pen and ink and oil tint on canvas
Year : 2020



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I am from Saktigarh, Burdwan West-Bengal working as an
artist, subject matters of my works depends on colonialism, poverty,
socio economic inequality and after effect of colonialism, nostalgia
also occurs in my painting.
In the works I created a reality of past history of colonial. I am
taking reference of old archives, photograph and oral history. Images
of past realities are reframing question of our world. Historical
events are represented through the perspective of colonial
experiences. Influential Victorianism on vernacular in post modern
context is layered in one of my painting. I am reusing old
photograph, document with juxtapose with iconic images of the
colonial period. When two diverse events and iconic images are
coming on one surface it creates a shock for viewers and also
underlines the real question of humanity.

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