Solo by Moumita Sarkar

Nippon Gallery is pleased to announce the launching of online exhibition
‘ Eyewitness of Love Letters ‘- 45

Solo by Moumita Sarkar
Dates: 22 Sept to 2 Oct 2020

Visit for viewing.
Online Viewing Room – Gallery Hall 2

I am not new…But i want new….Moumita Sarkar

Art is a language where an interactive dialogue occurs between me and my creations.It enforce me to act spontaneously to express myself. Though art is a medium and it has it’s own language to express but that language should be visually and conceptually clear to the society.

its provokes the intellectualize of human beings.It reflect myself as an expressionist who maintained each and every split of seconds to disclose myself through distortion ,exaggeration, primitive and fantasy.It is an artistic style in which I attempt to depict my works which is not an objective reality but rather the subjective

I presume myself as a hypocrite which gets revealed in my work and I grabbed the whole amount of essence that begins and I’m graceful to what I snatch myself.My anxiety provokes me to create and destroy something.Beside this when scratches and it squeezed to get damaged.Then sometimes when I perceived the complete vision of my future,I glimpsed the fatal end of my I’m presumed to be a ethologist.

 After the whole drawback when I gain an eternal power it brings a change in my gesture like which holds the earth very firmly and close to my heart completely when I draw to Express my sensations it creates the touch of fluidity

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